Organon F, Volume 27, November 2020, Issue 4

ISSN 2585-7150 (online) ISSN 1335-0668 (print)

Download PDF | Published online: 1 November 2020 | 10 articles | Pages 421–596

Research Article

Time Sensitivity and Acceptance of Testimony

Nader Alsamaani

Download PDF | Pages 422–436

Research Article

Laudan, Intuition and Normative Naturalism

Howard Sankey

Download PDF | Pages 437–445

Research Article

If Sounds Were Dispositions: A Framework Proposal for an Undeveloped Theory

Jorge Luis Méndez-Martínez

Download PDF | Pages 446–479

Research Article

Could Tajtelbaum Question What Tarski Could Not?

Jan Wiślicki

Download PDF | Pages 480–493

Research Article

Falsificationism and the Pragmatic Problem of Induction

Danny Frederick

Download PDF | Pages 494–503

Research Article

Fregean Monism: A Solution to the Puzzle of Material Constitution

Soo Lam Wong

Download PDF | Pages 504–521

Research Article

Subject and Predicate in Existential Propositions: A Survey of Frege’s Problem and Its Solutions

Siavash Asadi

Download PDF | Pages 522–538

Research Article

Defending the Good Dog Picture of Virtues

Andrei Ionuţ Mărăşoiu

Download PDF | Pages 539–555

Research Article

The Judge-Dependence of Aesthetic and Moral Judgement

Max Kölbel

Download PDF | Pages 556–587

Book Review

[rev. on] Galen Strawson: Things That Bother Me. Death, Freedom, the Self, Etc.

Jacek Jarocki

Download PDF | Pages 588–594

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