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Volume 27, November 2020, Issue 4, Pages 422–436

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Time Sensitivity and Acceptance of Testimony

Nader Alsamaani


Time sensitivity seems to affect our intuitive evaluation of the reasonable risk of fallibility in testimonies. All things being equal, we tend to be less demanding in accepting time sensitive testimonies as opposed to time insensitive testimonies. This paper considers this intuitive response to testimonies as a strategy of acceptance. It argues that the intuitive strategy, which takes time sensitivity into account, is epistemically superior to two adjacent strategies that do not: the undemanding strategy adopted by non-reductionists and the cautious strategy adopted by reductionists. The paper demonstrates that in adopting the intuitive strategy of acceptance, one is likely to form more true beliefs and fewer false beliefs. Also, in following the intuitive strategy, the listener will be fulfilling his epistemic duties more efficiently.


Acceptance of testimony; time sensitivity; reductionism; non-reductionism.

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Nader Alsamaani (assistant professor of philosophy)


Qassim University


Department of Cultural Studies, College of Sharia, Qassim University, P. O. Box: 6666, 51452 Saudi Arabia


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29 November 2019


10 March 2020

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3 June 2020


Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences

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Alsamaani, N. (2020). Time Sensitivity and Acceptance of Testimony. Organon F27(4), 422–436.


Alsamaani, Nader. 2020. "Time Sensitivity and Acceptance of Testimony." Organon F 27 (4): 422–436.


Alsamaani, N.  (2020). Time Sensitivity and Acceptance of Testimony. Organon F, 27(4), pp. 422–436.

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