Organon F, Volume 29, May 2022, Issue 2

ISSN 2585-7150 (online) ISSN 1335-0668 (print)

Download PDF | Published online: 29 May 2022 | 7 articles | Pages 173–188

Research Article

Flattening the Curve of Moral Imagination

Ondřej Beran

Download PDF | Pages 174–199

Research Article

Susan Wolf on Supererogation and the Dark Side of Morality

Nora Grigore

Download PDF | Pages 200–218

Research Article

The Problem of Intention and the Evaluative Properties of Effects in the Knobe Effect

Andrzej Waleszczyński – Michał Obidziński – Julia Rejewska

Download PDF | Pages 219–245

Research Article

The Whole-Part Dilemma: A Compositional Understanding of Plato’s Theory of Forms

Seong Soo Park

Download PDF | Pages 246–267

Research Article

Conditional Uniqueness

Erhan Demircioğlu

Download PDF | Pages 268–274

Research Article

The Personite Problem and the Stage-Theoretic Reply

Harold Noonan

Download PDF | Pages 275–282

Book Review

Catarina Dutilh Novaes: The Dialogical Roots of Deduction: Historical, Cognitive and Philosophical Perspectives on Reasoning

Jaroslav Peregrin

Download PDF | Pages 283–287

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