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Research Article

Factualism and Anti-descriptivism: A Challenge to the Materialist Criterion of Fundamentality

Víctor Fernández Castro

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Research Article

Robert Kirk’s Attempted Intellectual Filicide: Are Phenomenal Zombies Hurt?

Dmytro Sepetyi

Download PDF | Pages 1–31

Research Article

A Causal-Mentalist View of Propositions

Jeremiah Joven B. Joaquin – James Franklin

Download PDF | Pages 1–31

Research Article

Frege on Identity and Co-Reference

Eros Corazza

Download PDF | Pages 1–21

Research Article

Partial Compatibilism: Free Will in the Light of Moral Experience

David Peroutka

Download PDF | Pages 1–24

Research Article

Why Did You Really Do It? Human Reasoning and Reasons for Action

José Ángel Gascón

Download PDF | Pages 1–22

Research Article

A Dilemma about the Mental

Guy Dove – Andreas Elpidorou

Download PDF | Pages 1–29

Research Article

Epistemic Foundations of Salience-Based Coordination

Vojtěch Zachník

Download PDF | Pages 1–26

Research Article

A Novel Reading of Thomas Nagel’s “Challenge” to Physicalism

Serdal Tümkaya

Download PDF | Pages 1–17

Research Article

How Not to Argue about the Compatibility of Predictive Processing and 4E Cognition

Yavuz Recep Başoğlu

Download PDF | Pages 1–25

Research Article

The Degrees of Understanding and the Inferential Component of Understanding

Stefan Petkov

Download PDF | Pages 1–31

To appear

Review: Jared Warren: Shadows of syntax: Revitalizing Logical and Mathematical Conventionalism, by Jaroslav Peregrin

Forthcoming Issue

Organon F, Volume 28 (3)

Value in Language (edited by Dan Zeman)

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