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Online First Articles

ISSN 2585-7150 (online) ISSN 1335-0668 (print)

Research Article

Does the Conceivability of Zombies Entail Their Possibility?

Karol Polcyn

Download PDF | Pages 1–16

Book Review

[rev. on] Neil Roughley and Kurt Bayerts (eds.): The Normative Animal?

Jaroslav Peregrin

Download PDF | Pages 1–5

Research Article

How Is Vicarious Feeling Possible? In Defense of Reactive Attitudes

Sunny Yang

Download PDF | Pages 1–18

Research Article

An Approach to Indexical Beliefs

Tadeusz Ciecierski

Download PDF | Pages 1–31

Research Article

What We Know about Numbers and Propositions and How We Know It

Scott Soames

Download PDF | Pages 1–20

Research Article

Physical Constants as Identifiers of Modern Universal Laws of Nature

Orli Dahan

Download PDF | Pages 1–21

Research Article

Feyerabend’s Alternative Theories within Goodman’s Worldmaking

Nicole Fišerová

Download PDF | Pages 1–23

Research Article

Horwich on the Value of Truth

Byeong D. Lee

Download PDF | Pages 1–17

Research Article

Boulesic Logic, Deontic Logic and the Structure of a Perfectly Rational Will

Daniel Rönnedal

Download PDF | Pages 1–76

Research Article

In Defence of the Phenomenological Objection to Mental Fictionalism

Miklós Márton – János Tőzsér

Download PDF | Pages 1–18

Research Article

Unification and the Myth of Purely Reductive Understanding

Michael J. Shaffer

Download PDF | Pages 1–27

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