Organon F, Volume 28, February 2021, Issue 1

Special issue on Names and Fictions

Guest editor: Piotr Stalmaszczyk

ISSN 2585-7150 (online) ISSN 1335-0668 (print)

Download PDF | Published online: 28 February 2021 | 11 articles | Pages 1–268



Piotr Stalmaszczyk

Download PDF | Pages 2–8

Research Article

The Meanings of Fictional Names

Fiora Salis

Download PDF | Pages 9–43

Research Article

Fictional Names: Reference, Definiteness and Ontology

Mark Sainsbury

Download PDF | Pages 44–59

Research Article

Real Authors and Fictional Agents (Fictional Narrators, Fictional Authors)

Alberto Voltolini

Download PDF | Pages 60–75

Research Article

Fictional Tellers: A Radical Fictionalist Semantics for Fictional Discourse

Stefano Predelli

Download PDF | Pages 76–106

Research Article

Fictional Names and Fictional Concepts: A Moderate Fictionalist Account

Eleonora Orlando

Download PDF | Pages 107–134

Research Article

How Can Millians Believe in Superheroes?

Juliana Faccio Lima

Download PDF | Pages 135–167

Research Article

Revisiting the ‘Wrong Kind of Object’ Problem

Merel Semeijn – Edward N. Zalta

Download PDF | Pages 168–197

Research Article

Frege’s Equivalence Thesis and Reference Failure

Nathan Hawkins

Download PDF | Pages 198–222

Research Article

Anti-Realism about Fictional Names at Work: A New Theory for Metafictional Sentences

Louis Rouillé

Download PDF | Pages 223–252

Research Article

On Anaphors Linked to Names Used Metaphorically

Eros Corazza – Christopher Genovesi

Download PDF | Pages 253–268

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