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Volume 28, August 2021, Issue 3, Pages 689–707

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Research Article | Special issue on Value in Language

Slur Reclamation – Polysemy, Echo, or Both?

Zuzanna Jusińska


This paper concerns the topic of slur reclamation. I start with presenting two seemingly opposing accounts of slur reclamation, Jeshion’s (2020) Polysemy view and Bianchi’s (2014) Echoic view. Then, using the data provided by linguists, I discuss the histories of the reclamation of the slur ‘queer’ and of the n-word, which brings me to presenting a view of reclamation that combines the Polysemy view and Echoic view. The Combined view of slur reclamation proposed in this paper postulates meaning change while fleshing out the pragmatic mechanisms necessary for it to occur.


Meaning change; pragmatics; reclamation; semantics; slurs.

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Zuzanna Jusińska


University of Warsaw


University of Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa, Poland


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18 November 2020


8 August 2021

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30 August 2021


Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences

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Jusińska, Z. (2021). Slur Reclamation – Polysemy, Echo, or Both? Organon F28(3), 689–707.


Jusińska, Zuzanna. 2021. "Slur Reclamation – Polysemy, Echo, or Both?" Organon F 28 (3): 689–707.


Jusińska, Z. (2021). Slur Reclamation – Polysemy, Echo, or Both? Organon F, 28(3), pp. 689–707.

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