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Volume 28, August 2021, Issue 3, Pages 596–625

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Research Article | Special issue on Value in Language

Value and Scale: Some Observations and a Proposal

Andrés Soria-Ruiz


In this paper, I investigate the scalar semantics of evaluative adjective in general, and of good in particular. Lassiter (2017) has argued that good, when taking propositions as arguments, has an interval scale. I argue that there’s evidence in support of the view that good, when taking individuals as argument, has a scale that is stronger than interval, but weaker than ratio. In particular, I propose that individual-level good has a “round” ratio scale, which allows a broader set of ratio transformations than standard ratio scales. This conclusion is consistent with the fact that good admits round ratio modifiers (twice as good), but eschews precise ones (# 1.38x as good). An important consequence of this view is that the scales of individual and propositional-level good are severed.


Evaluative adjectives, scalar semantics; metaethics.

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Andrés Soria-Ruiz


Universidade NOVA de Lisboa


Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Campus de Campolide 1099-085 Lisboa, Portugal


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3 December 2020


19 June 2021

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30 August 2021


Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences

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Soria-Ruiz, A. (2021). Value and Scale: Some Observations and a Proposal. Organon F28(3), 596–625.


Soria-Ruiz, Andrés. 2021. "Value and Scale: Some Observations and a Proposal." Organon F 28 (3): 596–625.


Soria-Ruiz, A. (2021). Value and Scale: Some Observations and a Proposal. Organon F, 28(3), pp. 596–625.

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